We met in a chatroom late one night. I was bored and lonely and had that feeling of needing to connect to another human being. I went in and out of several chatrooms just lurking and giggling at what others had to say…but then I hit a chatroom with these three guys talking about past relationships….and one guy really caught my attention. He was saying that he wished he could find a sweet natured girl who loved to sing in the shower and wouldn’t mind if he joined in…he was telling about some of his past girlfriends who didn’t like it very much when he would get in the shower with them and sing that Harry Connick song, “A Wink and a Smile.” Well, I’m a huge Harry Connick Jr fan. I just love his music and that is one of my favorite songs…and well, I have all kinds of fantasies about being in the shower with a special guy. So, I just HAD to look this guy’s profile up and wow was I amazed by how much we had in common. He loved to walk in the park, fly kites, cook, hold hands in public, and sit by the fireplace. My dream guy! I wanted to see if I could get his attention so I typed, “I remember the days of just keeping time…of hanging around in sleepy towns forever…backroads empty for miles” (the first line of a wink and a smile). A few seconds later I got a private message, “Hey, you know my song. What’s your name?” We got to talking about Harry’s upbeat jazzy piano style and how happy it made us both feel and and about singing it in the car and yes the shower too…and what made me even more happy was this incredible guy I was chatting with. It was such a comfortable fit…you know like you’re old friends and can talk about anything. Turned out he only lived about 3 hours from me so we set a date to meet in person the following weekend. In the interim, we talked by phone every evening and the more I talked with this guy the more intense it became. I was totally in love and I had never even met him. The day we were to meet, I was a nervous wreck. I worried about all the usual stuff…would he like the way I looked…would he be the same in person…but when he walked into that restaurant, I knew in an instance that I was going to jump his bones that very day and keep doing it for life. What a handsome man he is. Golden wavy hair with sparkling blue eyes and a sweet smile that made my heart dissolve. We embraced as soon as we met and it was a genuinely warm hug that lingered just long enough for me to know he felt the same as I did. I wasn’t usually so bold but after we talked a little while, I invited him back to see my place and stay the weekend. I told him I would show him the town but really I wanted to show him my bedroom most of all. By the time we got to my house I wanted him so bad I nearly ripped his shirt off…and he didn’t seem to mind a bit. Before we knew it, clothes were flying all over the place and when I got down to my bra and panties, he stopped me abruptly and said, “I just want to savor this moment and look at you.” With these words, he ran his fingers through my hair very slowly and even more slowly slid his warm hands down my body feeling every curve. The way he looked at me made me feel like I was the most beautiful woman in the world. No one had ever made me feel so special. I wanted this moment to last forever but I was also so wet I was dripping and literally aching to have him inside me. I reached over and began to slowly message his penis which was very erect and very ready. At this gesture, he undid my bra and pulled down my panties and began to slowly lick my clit His warm breath tickled a little and I began to giggle uncontrollably which seem to excite him. He slid up on top of me kissing my belly and then my breasts as he did. I could feel his hard dick up against me and I wanted him so bad. We didn’t speak at all after this but his eyes and body said it all. He thrust himself inside me and my whole body quivered when he did. I had never wanted a man as bad as I wanted this one. He continued to rhythmically move inside me and as he did I got very warm and I began to move in unison with him. We were so in sync and his penis felt so good moving up inside me. I was feeling an orgasm swelling up inside me. Each stroke he made brought me a little closer. His breathing was getting heavier and I could feel his heart beating. I moved my legs up higher around him and this spurred him to move faster. He was really ramming it in now and all of a sudden I felt everything inside me clench up and I let out a moaning scream. As I did this, his thrusts became short and fast and then he collapsed on top of me. The next morning we were singing in the shower together and have been ever since.

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